Men Suicide more than Women

No. of suicides by married men vs. married women:- 2005 – 52583 vs. 28188 2006 – 55542 vs. 29869 2007 – 57593 vs. 30064 In the eleven years period 156,000 HUSBANDS have COMMITTED SUICIDE DIRECTLY due to Domestic Violence from their wives and in-laws. HINDI VARTHA is PROMOTING FEMALE FETICIDE BY FALSE STATISTICS AND MISLEADING

Warning: Suicide peak ahead

IF THE downturn deepens, Singapore should brace itself for a rise in suicides. And it should do all it can to prevent the increase from starting now, warns Dr Chia Boon Hock. Singapore’s resident suicidologist, who has spent 40 years collecting and studying suicide data, says there have been four major suicide peaks here over