Making Decisions Outside Your Repertoire

When faced with a new challenge, forget about acting fast. Instead start a three-step process to formulate the best solution In these turbulent times, everyone wants you to act quickly. Don’t. It’s a trap. The strategic moves needed today depend on your ability to make smart decisions—not fast ones. Particularly in times of stress or

Who Complains when you lose a Job?

Some, rather most organizations reject his CV today because he has changed jobs frequently (10 in 14 years). My friend, the ‘job hopper’ (referred here as Mr. JH), does not mind it…. well he does not need to mind it at all. Having worked full-time with 10 employer companies in just 14 years gives Mr.

Bitter truth about print media will harm society

As the quality of news suffers, it has its impact on the whole society and system. In short, ‘trust destruction’ triggers a major crisis. The truth about the local newspaper and the misuse of print media, is huge disappointment for an eager reader. THE IMPACT of ’trust destruction’ by the economic powers will be felt

Warning: Suicide peak ahead

IF THE downturn deepens, Singapore should brace itself for a rise in suicides. And it should do all it can to prevent the increase from starting now, warns Dr Chia Boon Hock. Singapore’s resident suicidologist, who has spent 40 years collecting and studying suicide data, says there have been four major suicide peaks here over

Your Boss Would Love This- How to Drive his Decision

People don’t work for company, they work for their Boss. The environment can be good or bad depending upon his mood. You can be a success or a failure based on his decision. Considering Boss as a constant factor you need to realize 2 things 1. He will be there whether you accept it or