Govt. of India plans for a ‘Long Drive’

Clear example of the hypocrite this country’s PMO is… See how officially they can flout their own set guidelines, and how they set wrong examples for the whole country!

Living life by Archie's law

Women marry for money all the time, so what’s wrong with a man doing so? The shock announcement that young Archie Andrews has finally proposed to foxy Veronica rather than cute as a button Betty has set off a furious debate. Love or money is the topic at hand, being discussed with vigour at water

The Basic Principals of Get Rich Attitude

Get Rich Attitude aims to develop an attitude which will help you become rich from any or every action that you take related to money. The right attitude comes from understanding the nitty gritties involved in making money to the way you finally spend it. Money made at every small point makes you rich and

Looking for quick fix solutions?

A guy broke his back and went to a doctor. The doctor took several X-rays and said that the patient needs a few major surgeries on the backbone and that he has to be on bed-rest for 8 months, in the hospital after the operation. The patient calculated the total costs and said that he

And you still cry about female infanticide?

Congratulations Feminists of India, All the so-called "women empowerment" laws of India have now created so much scare among the would-be parents that they don’t want sons anymore. Getting a daughter on the other hand will be beneficial for them, as they can as well earn money from the free ATM machines (created by law)