A Reporter’s Diary from the Avoidable Tragedy

One after the other I saw them jump off the sixth floor Late afternoon on Tuesday, I was at home to grab a quick bite between the day’s back-to-back assignments when I received a frantic call from my boss alerting me about a fire at Carlton Towers on Old Airport Road. Food half-eaten, I grabbed

Government Enjoys Harassing Citizens

The title in Hindi means Darkness right under the lamp. I got this impression with an experience I had recently at the Karnataka Information Commission, supposedly the hub of the Right to Information Act (RTI) in the state of Karnataka, when I went there personally to submit an RTI Application myself. One would expect the

Pub bharo, condom use karo maa

India: Hi Ma, we are all set for the day. When are you’. Set for what Baby? Why, for Pub Bharo Ma. After Maang bharo, godh bharo, jail bharo, pub bharo is the new cool phrase. Didn’t you watch Ekta Kapoor’s new soap Ma? It’s called Aao Pub Bharen. Hey mom, Sis and I picked

Traps Laid by Bangalore Traffic Police to Extort Money

Recently on the 25th of December 2008, me and my 2 other friends had a very bizarre experience. We were returning from SP Road, Bangalore towards Corporation Circle and were just about to approach the Town Hall Traffic signal when we were stopped by 3 traffic policemen. To our shock and disbelief we learned that

So what’s the REAL score?

Sent this letter to many of the media people… Hi Media people, There has indeed been some intense action from the terrorists side to bring the morale of the country down with these serial blasts in defferent cities of the country in succession. But what I’m really disappointed on, is the extremely irresponsible and loose

They did it again!!!

In continuance to the last mail I wrote to the media, here’s the next one: —————————————- Hi Media People, After my last mail, there seem to be some sync between the different media camps… But still the immaturity of the media can be seen today… While most of the media groups are reporting 18 live