Feminism shows some reality to the women

What’s notable here is that Men have been expected since time immemorial to toil for the family and everyone around, resulting in a certain level of happiness/sadness in them.  And ofcourse the women-folk were a lot happier for two major reasons: They were provided for and protected by the toiling men, They didn’t have to

Would You Trade Your Life?

Haven’t we all at one time or another said something like, “Boy, I’d sure like to trade my life for his or hers!”  Sometimes it’s about someone we know personally but often it’s about a “famous” person who we think we know.  My assertion is that when we really think about it, we wouldn’t trade

Trapped in a confined space, the human mind begins to unravel

City psychiatrists explain just what the Chilean miners are going through deep within the earth, and steps they can take to maintain their mental balance A couple of years ago, the BBC aired a special show called Total Isolation. Six people were shut inside a cell in a nuclear bunker, quite in the dark. After,

And we expect justice from them…

HYDERABAD: Five judges belonging to the state’s subordinate judiciary were suspended by the AP High Court on Wednesday for allegedly copying while writing their LLM examinations at the Arts College of Kakatiya University in Warangal on Tuesday.  The judges were doing this course under distance mode from Kakatiya University as the degree would help them gain some increments

Unheard…. Now heard

Superb portrayal of the typical social attitudes towards issues of domestic violence. DV is NOT gender specific… Anyone and everyone can be a victim of DV in home, every human being in a domestic relationship deserves protection against the perpetrator!

Abolish IAS, says Infosys’ Murthy

For a country accustomed to gloating about GDP growth figures and taking these as a measure of achievement, here is sobering advice from NR Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys Technologies, India’s second-largest infotech firm. Stop focussing exclusively on 8 or 8.5% growth, look at the sorry state of affairs on the governance front, he said