Abuse Industry Teaches Women to Fear Men, Teaches Men to Fear Women

By Carey Roberts Recently I attended a domestic violence conference hosted by a church in my community. “The Church’s Role in Addressing Domestic Violence in the Faith Community,” the glossy brochure explained. The program featured a Proclamation by President Barack Obama filled with heart-rending language about the “devastating impact” of domestic violence on women and

Women's Bill: Empowering Gharanas, Not Women

The results of recent Lok Sabha elections have driven home the very disturbing fact that politics in India is fast becoming a family business. If this trend continues, as indeed it will unless major changes are made, India will soon find itself being ruled “democratically” by just over a thousand families who will fight among

We are all racists

The best yardstick to judge a society’s level of racism is its openness to immigration Over the last few weeks, the world has come face to face with Australian racism. Australia has some of the toughest anti-racial legislation in the world, just as we have some of the most draconian anti-casteism laws. But legislation does

Understanding the Governance

As a daily habit Pintu was reading newspaper. Suddenly he asked his father, ” Dad! What does it mean by ‘Governance System‘ ? “ “It’s like…” father said while thinking, “See! I earn and bring money to home, mean’s I am a ‘Money Holder‘. Your mother decides where and how to spend that money and

We so much love and pamper the Terrorists who kill us

Mohammed Amir Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving member of the terrorist squad that struck at multiple locations in Mumbai last November, made a plea to retract his confession on the first day of the trial here on Friday. Defence lawyer SG Abbas Kazmi while filing the application on Kasab’s behalf, told special court judge ML

Vote for any party, BUT NOT for Congress

Dear all Indian Husbands and their Family Members, Nowadays more than 57000 Indian Husbands are ending their lives in suicide every year due to the anti-husband, anti-family and anti-child biased and lopsided marital laws like Section 498A / Domestic Violence Act / CRPC125 / Adultery law / four different maintenance laws, all passed by the