Govt. of India plans for a ‘Long Drive’

Clear example of the hypocrite this country’s PMO is… See how officially they can flout their own set guidelines, and how they set wrong examples for the whole country!

Husbands Committing Suicide 4 times faster than Wives

The suicide statistics for the year 2010 have been published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) – a unit of the Honorable Union Ministry for Home Affairs, Govt. of India. As usual, apart from painting a very grim picture about the society, the numbers tells a tale that better be called as tell-tale of

Abolish IAS, says Infosys’ Murthy

For a country accustomed to gloating about GDP growth figures and taking these as a measure of achievement, here is sobering advice from NR Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys Technologies, India’s second-largest infotech firm. Stop focussing exclusively on 8 or 8.5% growth, look at the sorry state of affairs on the governance front, he said

An Indian Tragedy Many Times Over

Government meddling has deprived victims of the deadly Bhopal gas leak of fair compensation. On Tuesday, a district court in Bhopal, India, found seven former Union Carbide India Ltd. (UCIL) officials guilty of “causing death by negligence” for a gas leak at a pesticide factory in that city over 25 years ago. The officials were

Indian bureaucracy most inefficient in Asia: Survey

Singapore: India has the most inefficient bureaucracy in Asia and red-tape is much worse than in China, says a survey. In the ranking of 12 countries, India has been named as having the most inefficient bureaucracy followed by Indonesia and the Philippines, according to the survey of expatriate business executives conducted by the Hong Kong-based

The Availability of Terror

We talk a lot about the availability bias here on Neuroworld, so I don’t think I have to tell you how much you overestimate the possibility of being on a plane brought down by terrorism. Still, it’s worth taking a look at this graphic, via Gawker and based on data put together by Nate Silver: