Women's Bill: Empowering Gharanas, Not Women

The results of recent Lok Sabha elections have driven home the very disturbing fact that politics in India is fast becoming a family business. If this trend continues, as indeed it will unless major changes are made, India will soon find itself being ruled “democratically” by just over a thousand families who will fight among

Women less happy after 40 years of feminism

Despite wealth, health and opportunity, men still more content says study by US National Bureau of Economic Research On the long and winding road to having it all, Helen Parker is making good progress. At 27 she’s forging a career as an executive with a transport company in London, she has a steady boyfriend, and

Bitter truth about print media will harm society

As the quality of news suffers, it has its impact on the whole society and system. In short, ‘trust destruction’ triggers a major crisis. The truth about the local newspaper and the misuse of print media, is huge disappointment for an eager reader. THE IMPACT of ’trust destruction’ by the economic powers will be felt

Vote for any party, BUT NOT for Congress

Dear all Indian Husbands and their Family Members, Nowadays more than 57000 Indian Husbands are ending their lives in suicide every year due to the anti-husband, anti-family and anti-child biased and lopsided marital laws like Section 498A / Domestic Violence Act / CRPC125 / Adultery law / four different maintenance laws, all passed by the

Principles of Propaganda

Before we begin a discussion on this subject, there are a couple of things that need to be made clear: first, propaganda is neutral term. It simply describes the packaging used to convince others that an agenda is correct. If the cause it serves is worthwhile, then so are the methods being used. On the