Feminism shows some reality to the women

What’s notable here is that Men have been expected since time immemorial to toil for the family and everyone around, resulting in a certain level of happiness/sadness in them.  And ofcourse the women-folk were a lot happier for two major reasons: They were provided for and protected by the toiling men, They didn’t have to

Varieties to Kill; Victims the same

Today’s rising crime rates across the world is nothing new for us anymore. Remember when was the last time you did not see or hear news of someone getting killed? People get killed all the time, across the globe, and people kill people by various means. To enumerate a few means people kill other people

Where in the World is Humanity?

I just happened to watch this movie called "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden". What this movie is really about, can be found out at the link I’ve provided. But what I’m fucussing on here, is what I learnt and observed from this wonderful movie. Its not a commercial movie, but more like