Unheard…. Now heard

Superb portrayal of the typical social attitudes towards issues of domestic violence. DV is NOT gender specific… Anyone and everyone can be a victim of DV in home, every human being in a domestic relationship deserves protection against the perpetrator!

पुरुषों पर अत्याचार

By पूनम पांडे महिला अधिकारों की जब बात उठती है तो महिलाएं क्या मांगती हैं? जाहिर है बराबरी का अधिकार। लेकिन अगर बराबरी की मांग करते-करते कोई खुद शोषणकारी की तरह बर्ताव करने लगे तो…. कम से कम कुछ मामलों में तो यही हो रहा है। इसमें कोई दो राय नहीं है कि अभी भी

The Myth of Women's Oppression

Shaifali Sandhya – An Open Letter to Rakhi Sawant

I want a husband to approach me like Salman, speak like Aamir, and kiss me like Shah Rukh, you told us. As millions sat transfixed by your swayamvara you sifted through sixteen thousand men around the world and finally from four wannabe husbands in your quest for non-filmy love. Now as you stand on the

Why Marry when you want Independence?

Check out this news below. I wonder, why do these people who do not want ‘any’ compromise in marriage, marry in the first place! Is it because of the entirely wrong and romanticised picture of marriage shown on the Silver-Screen and the Idiot-Box? Has the time come for the entertainment media to become a little

What about the evil bahu?

A group of victimised mothers-in-law from Bangalore have started their own helpline, and plan to approach TV producers and film-makers to get them to re-work the ‘unfair’ portrayal of the saas figure in popular culture Mumbai: For years they’ve been haunting television and movie screens, making life miserable for their daughters-in-law — but now a