Unheard…. Now heard

Superb portrayal of the typical social attitudes towards issues of domestic violence. DV is NOT gender specific… Anyone and everyone can be a victim of DV in home, every human being in a domestic relationship deserves protection against the perpetrator!

Woman wearing skinny jeans can’t be raped: Australian court

Melbourne, May 2: Skin-tight jeans cannot be taken off without consent, said a Sydney court and acquitted a man charged with sexually assaulting a woman. Can a woman wearing skinny jeans be raped? Or are they so tight they can be taken off only with her consent?, the jury asked before acquitting Nicholas Eugenio Gonzalez,

Abuse Industry Teaches Women to Fear Men, Teaches Men to Fear Women

By Carey Roberts Recently I attended a domestic violence conference hosted by a church in my community. “The Church’s Role in Addressing Domestic Violence in the Faith Community,” the glossy brochure explained. The program featured a Proclamation by President Barack Obama filled with heart-rending language about the “devastating impact” of domestic violence on women and

Bachelorhood Revisited

Reading the article “Good or Bad, Hard to Say!” suddenly struck a chord with me regarding the deteriorating status quo of the institution of marriage in India and its fatal repercussions on men. Marriage, at least in India, has always been projected as “Tumultuous for women and blissful for men”. However, perceptions are seldom reality.

'Half Of The Last 16 Chief Justices Were Corrupt'

The decision to declare assets is a big victory. Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan tells SHOMA CHAUDHURY what else is rotting in our judiciary In public interest Prashant Bhushan has championed the fight for judicial accountability Photo: SHAILENDRA PANDEY It’s great judges have agreed to declare assets. But will it really help? Politicians do it

The Indian Constitution in 2050

A clear constitutional definition is overdue to save our secular quintessence, writes Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer The Constitution of India is a long, legal parchment—solemn, sublime and secular—enacted in substantial fulfillment of the ethos and aspirations of the people of India. This ‘Supreme Deed’ of independent India, bears true faith and allegiance to the