Women less happy after 40 years of feminism

Despite wealth, health and opportunity, men still more content says study by US National Bureau of Economic Research On the long and winding road to having it all, Helen Parker is making good progress. At 27 she’s forging a career as an executive with a transport company in London, she has a steady boyfriend, and

Stop Women Pamperment in the society

We have talked a lot about “Legal Terrorism under 498a” in last 4 years. Did we achieve anything substantial? Nope… Because, 498a is the symptom of a much bigger disease. What is this DISEASE? The Disease is Women Pamperment by Society. This started more than 10,000 years back. Just because women used to produce babies,

Girl Child – The Usable Commodity

All the characters in the article are imaginary and have no resemblance to any person living or dead. Any co-incidence is purely co-incidental. Priyanka is a confused girl. They want her to get married to a rich guy as Priyanka is their only daughter and they expect their potential son-in-law to take care of them

The facade called Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment, Women Equality, etc. seem to be the buzzwords these days with more and more articles coming out about increasing awareness amongst women about their rights. Since so many decades we have been hearing of these campaigns and they are still running. Feminists still seem to cry about women rights, women empowerment and women

Yes, I demanded dowry, but never got it!

Mirrored from here All the characters referred to below are fictitious and bear no resemblance with anyone living or dead whatsoever. Any co-incidence is purely co-incidental and unintentional Dowry? A sensational word, isn’t it? Evokes strong emotions for the ‘married woman’. Unlawful demands from the husband’s side to the bride’s side like a scooter, car,

Priceless Gifts of Indian Laws