Feminism shows some reality to the women

What’s notable here is that Men have been expected since time immemorial to toil for the family and everyone around, resulting in a certain level of happiness/sadness in them.  And ofcourse the women-folk were a lot happier for two major reasons:

  1. They were provided for and protected by the toiling men,
  2. They didn’t have to work that hard to sustain themselves.

Now, ofcourse, typical of the female nature of being unsatisfied with anything they get, they started the feminist movement with an expectation to get ‘More’ happiness as mentioned in the video above. But what they got in return are the same hardship that men have been facing forever, and thus a decline in their happiness level is more than expectantly obvious.

On the other hand, as they’re taking over some of the work from the men, the happiness level of men in general is bound to go (atleast) slightly higher, ofcourse.

And at the end of the day, Nobody ‘Expects’ women to work like men, except women (read feminists) themselves. However the entire society ‘Expects’ the men to work harder than they do. So for the women, not being able to meet one’s own expectation of oneself is the biggest disappointment naturally.  How’s that for a reason for the declining happiness?

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  1. I’m sure Indian women (feminists) will take no lesson from this and thus their level of happiness will come down with time. Well, lage raho munna bhai…

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