Feminist Victim Mentality: Written by a Woman

Its so rare to see a woman seeing the Reality behind the blatant sexist blabbering by the feminists all around us. The following is from a woman herself, who runs a Woman’s organisation growing bigger by the day. Hat’s off to her! CBS Adopts Victim Mentality By Karin Agness (NeW Founder) June 18, 2007 at

More reality check behind the Female Foeticide in India

Open letter sent to the officials of the UN (UNICEF and UNIFEM) We members of "Save Indian Family Foundation" comprise of 15,000 Engineers, Software professionals, Executives, doctors and common people of India, who are fed up with UN’s Anti-Indian Agenda since quite some time. We firmly believe that UN is interested in breaking the Indian

Women’s SHG dares to tread a different path

As per a report on the Times of India, 1st June 2008 Pudukottai: In a radical departure from traditional Hindu practices where women are not allowed to perform the funeral rituals, leave alone even enter a crematorium, four women hailing from Thondaimanallur village in Pudukkottai buried their dead relative after conducting the last rites. Breaking

Truth behind the rising female foeticide

Feminists and others alike, are all making a big hue and cry about the rising trends of female foeticides in the country, leading to a skewed ratio of female:male. One such radical feminist argued on the TV, that this is not a new trend, though. Before the technology of sex determination came to India, there

A day at the Marriage Counseling center

The following conversation is real. This is how men are bullied in counseling sessions recommended by family courts. This conversation also stands as a glaring proof that Section 498a of IPC is only used as a blackmailing weapon and extortion tool. It is witness to the fact that our society thinks it is only fair