Why women have sex, revealed!

Women indulge in sex not for love and passion, but for various other “unromantic” reasons— including relieving themselves of boredom, out of pity for a man and even to cure a migraine headache—says a new book. Why Women Have Sex by Cindy Meston and David Buss has highlighted 200 reasons as to why women have

Woman wearing skinny jeans can’t be raped: Australian court

Melbourne, May 2: Skin-tight jeans cannot be taken off without consent, said a Sydney court and acquitted a man charged with sexually assaulting a woman. Can a woman wearing skinny jeans be raped? Or are they so tight they can be taken off only with her consent?, the jury asked before acquitting Nicholas Eugenio Gonzalez,

Women’s Exploitation in Peshawar University: Who is to Blame?

The Midweek Special edition of the esteemed Urdu daily Mashriq, dated March 03, 2010, featured an open letter from a female student of the University of Peshawar. Submitted anonymously, the letter was subtitled The First-Hand Account of Love Stories as Witnessed in the Green Gardens of the University , and it documented a case against

Men: You lost your grounds!

Since a long long long time, men have been living in a perception (ofcourse created by feminism) of a Men’s World. And just like any other perception created by one group or the other, there’s always an undercurrent that sweeps the reality from below your feet. The fools that men are, have been living in

Women rape men when they have no one to have sex with

There are hundreds of lonely women in the prime of life seeking to apply their libido Mary Kay Leturno, 34, a secondary school teacher from Washington, the daughter of a family relations advocate and an ultra-conservative deputy representing California, the divorced woman having two children was sentenced to seven years in prison. Why? The prosecution

Watching the ladies

Let me get this straight. All those nice folks, convinced that reserving seats for women in Parliament will be lovely for womankind are celebrating because 33 per cent of the total number of seats are now on their way to being block-booked for women? Man, that’s like winning the 1947-48 war against Pakistan and patting